Gurgaon Children’s Literature Festival
Sailing Leaf conducted a session at the annual gala GCLF(Gurgaon Children’s Literature Festival).Here you see the Founder Manmeet Narang regaling an audience of curious kids with tips and questions on creativity, thinking and writing.
Is reading a skill or an experience? Should we read for pleasure or for an outcome? Manmeet Narang in conversation with Parul Mehrotra Ohri at Mompresso.
Interview With Red Elephant
The Red Elephant Foundation felt Sailing Leaf was making a difference to the lives of children. Its Founder Kirthi Jaykumar was generous enough to stop by to interview Manmeet Narang on how the idea of Sailing Leaf took place and the journey so far.
Speaker City Interview
The Speaker City recognised educators with out of the box thinking and one of them was Manmeet Narang. Here is the interview.