Know Us

Sailing Leaf is an ecosystem where children learn to express their thoughts and feelings in words, freely and creatively. Through the medium of creative writing, children develop an inner connection. Once children begin to understand and believe in their own unique thought process, writing becomes a natural process. The art of creative writing is thus the medium to find yourself and not the end. The overarching purpose being self-expression because without self there can be no expression.

Who should attend these programs?

Children who:

  • Write regularly but want to polish their writing skills
  • Aspire to write but don’t know how to
  • Lack confidence to express themselves
  • Struggle to give shape to ideas and thoughts
  • Don’t express their feelings
  • Are not aware that can write

To sum it up, the workshops are meant for one and all. After all, each child desires and deserves to be self expressed!

What can you learn?

  • Story writing
  • Poetry
  • Article Writing
  • Micro Fiction
  • Imagery
  • Slogans
  • Songs
  • Jingles

What should you expect?

  • Better communication skills-written and verbal
  • Higher confidence
  • Stronger self esteem
  • More self awareness
  • More observant
  • Think differently
  • Lesser conformity
  • Less fearful to try
  • Higher emotional and social intelligence
  • More interest in reading

What do we do?

We follow experiential methodology and our curriculum design includes-

  • Activities
  • Discussions-group and buddy
  • Self-Reflection
  • Audio-video aids
  • Presentations
  • Assignments
  • Mentoring by experts

These are the outcomes you may sense during the program or after a few days as the process of understanding self is lifelong.