Tiger Boy

Tiger Boy by Mitali Perkins

We create magical places in our imagination and look for mystery, but what if such a place exists in reality?

At three hour drive from Kolkata, you can find such a place named Sunderbans. If you plan to visit or the visit is some distance away, Mitali Perkins will gladly take you through it. So believable is her story ‘Tiger Boy’.

Through the eyes of Neel, explore the nook and corner of this Mangrove forest. Not only that, you may begin to see what otherwise may not be visible to the eyes.

With frugal living but strong ethics, Neel saves the little cub from poachers. The tension between personal gain and doing the right thing is palpable in the book. At the end, of course, there is a victory but it is the path Neel undertakes that brings him the real gain. Neel who is gifted with words learns to apply his mathematics in life, discovers a new side of his otherwise strict headmaster, observes how his sister too deserves to study, sees his father in a new light and above all finds meaning in studying and how it can fulfil his dreams.

Recommended for children 9+