By Rabnoor – As we all know due to Covid-19 virus all of the countries including India have declared a lockdown. Due to the lockdown my father started to run indoors. As I was getting bored because I could not go to school or play with my friends, seeing my father running every day I also decided to run within our apartment.

I have been running since long and have ran many marathons like Vadodara Marathon, Juniorun, Times Duathlon, Amity Marathon, Tuffman, Super Sikh Run (my favourite), Born2Run, and registered for many which could happened due to lock down. But running indoors was a new experience for me.

I started by aiming for 2 km, and it was a piece of cake for me. Later I aimed for 5 km which was a piece of sandwich (considerably harder) for me *Hahaha*. Succeeding, I endeavoured for 7 km as I was born on the 7th of January and also it was my 1st day of indoor running and January is the first month of the year, so many coincidences. I savoured the saltiness of the sweat. Fun was added when my dog Dexter started running after me. He also ran a good distance with me. It was a nice change for Dexter from resting the whole day to run approximately 1 km with me indoors, as we could not take him outside for a walk.

Lastly, I aimed for 10km, my first 10km! But I consulted my father first because he inspired me for running. When I walked into my bedroom once to get cool air, I saw my dad already making a medal for me using paper and pasting it on one of my old medals. However, I continued running as I could not stop in between. When my  Garmin showed 10km, I entered my room and I saw my father waiting for me with medal in his hand and presented it to me. In every marathon a runner would always expect a medal for the efforts that he/she has put in. I also got one in spite of running inside my home. I was so happy that I could accomplish my goal for running 10km as all my earlier runs were only for 5kms.

 I am looking forward to supplementing this accomplishment to my “Cookie Jar”(Check out David Goggins for information). Another coincidence is that I ran 10 km on the 10th of April *LOL*.

Since then I have been running regularly and never missed a single day. And I want to carry on with it.

I realised that running indoors has many benefits like we can get network connection to listen to music or watch movies, I could drink water anytime I want and I could sneak into my bedroom to get myself some cool air and then go back to running.But I would still prefer running outdoors because running in the nature is more beneficial than indoors but no circumstances can stop me from running.

– Rabnoor

Grade 6, Kunskapsskolan