Letter To The Principal

By Anisha –

Respected ma’am,

My name is Anisha Sharma. I am a student of class 6 C in your school. Today, I wanted to talk to you about our class rooms. I really appreciate all you have done in the nursery, KG and class 1 class rooms. They look so lively and colourful. One just wants to spend the whole day there. When one comes to classrooms of class 5 and above, they may not be a place where a child may look forward to coming everyday. The classrooms of middle school appear like singing a lullaby and thus give a feeling of sleeping instantly. I believe that is also the reason that there are many absentees in the class and children lack attention which may be affecting scores in studies and participation in extra-curricular.

We both know that the pressure of studies increases rapidly from middle school and children become stressed. So, I have a suggestion. I would like to propose that we schedule at least one day in the whole year letting students to let out their creativity and imagination ,draw their thoughts and express their feelings on the class walls by painting. This way children would love to visit their class each day. I hope you would consider my request. Thank you for your support. 


Anisha Sharma