Gita for Kids

Author – Roopa Pai

Those who are 12+ you can be on your own like most of the things in your life while those you are younger can seek the assistance of their parents in reading.

I took a month to pick this book and the full version of Gita I bought from Iskon is lying in the library for six years now.

So we get your resistance.

We also get you are grappling with not one but many issues and emotions in your life as an adolescent. Here is a book which may not help you escape reality for a few hours but help you make sense of your real life. That’s not a bad deal, right? So give it a shot.

Never mind if it gets boring at some places or makes not much sense, it holds the promise to create not one but many breakthroughs. You never know when that happens to you. Each to its own. Through the examples of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, your own life right now which is a mixture of academics, friends, bullies, popular gang, T.V., mobile phone, parents and the pressures that come along with these, you will begin to see how Gita applies to your everyday life. 

Before you judge this bestseller( as the author Roopa Pai calls it) as a religious book, please know that it is the most modern text you shall ever come across. Imagine it says worshipping idols, chanting mantras without knowing the meaning or right intention is sheer darkness!