Sadako and A Thousand Paper Cranes

Author – Eleanor Coerr

Recommended for children 10+

This 60-page book brings out the aftermath of the atom bomb thrown on Hiroshima during World War II. Through the true story of a twelve-year girl Sadako, we come to know how children who were not born or had no memory of the heinous attack in 1945 suffered even after years. Written in a simple language, the heart touching story is a gateway for children to understand loss, pain, empathy, companionship, and hope. Making of the paper planes by Sadako and her friends somehow makes you feel deeply connected with victims of Hiroshima Nagasaki attacks. Where the futility of war hits you every moment, what stands out is that if there are people ready to kill for power there are also many who will stand by humanity. 

‘This is our cry,

This is our prayer;

Peace in the world.’