Reduce Screen Time

By Mriga Poddar

Dear Ms Trotman,

 I’m writing this letter to request that  we should have limited screen time.

I believe this is a good idea because computers, iPhones, ipads ,TV and many more, all of these screens are being used everyday. Don’t you think they are affecting our life? I am sure you will agree with me that the answer is yes, unfortunately. There are many risks when it comes to screen time- from losing the ability to write without autocorrect to being hooked and not putting away the screen before going to bed and thus impacting your mood and sleep.

The general idea behind the effects of screen time comes from how technology has taken over most mediums of learning and the idea of placing the boundary between how much is the right amount needed. As these technologies advance so does learning and both often overlap in certain aspects, however, it can be highly detrimental for the development of children .

Are screens really the best option to learn or should we lift our head from the screens to observe our life? I leave you with this question and hope you will arrive at the right answer.

Warm regards
Mriga Poddar 
Grade 5, The British School