A Ghost

By Aayan –

It was a peaceful day in Kansas until about 9:34-a storm struck.
There was someone in the backyard.This storm sounded very big. Hopefully the lights
don’t go out but they did-they obviously did.I knew I heard footsteps in my backyard
but they suddenly stopped. I heard a weird noise which I had never heard of,like
someone was floating.I set my laptop aside and took out my binoculars.The creature
was wearing a black cloak.what was that?Let’s go to the attic. I’ll get a better view
from up there.I’ll also get my flashlight.Okay we know he can float,he is wearing a
black cloak and he is very creepy.the storm Is very aggressive by now so I’ll just
research on him.hmmm…they say that there is a SWAMP-IN KANSAS,no way-this place
only has farms and crops.This calls for serious research!but tomorrow it’s already
11:42 see you tomorrow.it’s july 23,9;46 in the morning I already have my backpack
ready and it’s saturday so i’ll leave for research now.so I did some more research
yesterday night and they say the swamp is right by the small hut,which is pretty close to
my house so that’s that,they also said that the swamp is under the ground right now,so
i bought a shovel with me-just in case.I was at the place the swamp was a long time
ago.But was I actually at the right place or was I at the wrong one?I took out my
shovel and started digging. I saw something while digging. It was a note:Whoever is
looking at this note has found me. I was a normal person in Kansas until one day I
found this swamp it was cursed they said whoever came here would become I cried for
help,I tried to run away but nothing worked all was lost now I’m a phantom-a
ghost…so that’s how he was flying but I came here where is the curse for me do i not
know yet or what.i came back home did my homework played video games,everything
that would take my mind off the swamp but it was frozen in my head it was stuck i
slept today and the light went out again-it happened for the rest of the week.

By now I was frustrated what is going on I asked myself,I hadn’t even seen the
phantom ghost any time after that.but the next night IDID-i knew that the lights
were always going off it was because of the phantom-he could control electricity,and
MAKE thunderstorms-i knew he was there the whole time but I never saw him,i am
going to set up a trap tomorrow:when he will open the gate it will pull a string which
will turn on a radio when i get the noise I’ll use my nerf gun to push the cloak off of
him-let’s see how it will go.Okay it’s 9:35 PM he’s hare and he’s trapped okay
aiming,aiming and got it-IS THAT THE FARMER?let’s go talk to him-hay farmer cody
why are you doing this to the whole town “I wanted to make my own farming
grounds here and get rich but first I needed to scare the people away but I couldn’t so
i made my son put the legend of the swamp on Google,and made my costume if it
wasn’t for you I would’ve become rich.

– Ayaan, Grade 4, New Jersey