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Chasing Fireflies Online Creative Writing Program for Kids

Like fireflies, we all have a light within us. If we care to look, if we care to find. Chasing Fireflies is designed to help children see that light inside them and to fire up their imagination. So join us as we imagine, think, share, create, write and chase the light within.

The program includes 10 sessions spread over these dates-
First week- 25th May, 26th May, 27th May
From second week- Every Wednesday and Sunday
30th May, 3rd June, 6th June, 10th June, 13th June, 17th June
20th June- Session with parents
Batch 1-Timings: 4-5.30 p.m.(IST)
Batch 2-Timings: 6-7.30 p.m.(IST)
Age: 9 & 10 years
Total no. of students in a batch: 6
Cost: Rs.5000

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Email for queries and to register.

Program Highlights
Observation Skills
Questioning Ability
Divergent Thinking
Art of Writing Letters
Art of Writing Poems
Art of Writing Stories
Writing assignments
Group discussions
Audio-video aids
Brain games

A home assignment will be given at the end of each session.

Requirements of the program:
Zoom (
Comfort to operate Zoom
A quiet room and desk to sit
Commitment to attend all the sessions
Willingness to learn

If you wish to join the program, kindly send us a confirmation indicating which batch you are interested at