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Harry Potter Reading Meet

Sailing Leaf Presents

Harry Potter Reading Meet

Why do we say “Always” in emotional voices? Or take fascination in broomsticks? Why have we been expecting a certain letter in the post every day ever since we turned 11? Because we’re Potterheads, of course! We’ve all been to Hogwarts in our heads, riding a broomstick on the wide Quidditch pitch, or cracking jokes with our favorite characters. Muggles never understand us, so we’re usually greeted with strange glances. Now you can finally meet other young witches and wizards at this reading meet. And, there’s something Siriusly Ron with you if you didn’t get this pun.

Inviting all Potter Heads to discuss, read and create some magic!

Date: 9th July
Time: 10-12 p.m.
Age: 11-14 years
Venue: Spring House Galleria, Plot No.1003, DLF Phase 4,
Gurgaon (Opposite Hamilton Court Apartments)

Limited Seats. Registration charges Rs.300

To register call Manmeet Narang at 9871090943 or email her at manmeetnarang77@gmail.com
(Same meet is happening on 8th July at Vasant Vihar Club, New Delhi)

About Sailing Leaf:

Sailing Leaf is an ecosystem to help children express, explore and understand the art of self expression and creative writing. The platform is an attempt to help children connect with their inner thoughts and express them freely in words. Experiential workshops for age group of 8-14 years have been designed to trigger creative and critical thinking.

About Manmeet Narang:

Manmeet Narang is a behavioral trainer. Her entire work with children, parents and teachers revolves around making people think, reflect and discover themselves. Her other passion is to dig into the imaginative world of children and weave stories for them. Her published work includes ‘The Amazing World of Animals’, ‘Magical World of Benny Buzo’ and ‘Jiggly Wiggly’ rhymes. When she is not training or writing, she is either reading, listening to music, walking in nature, exploring places or playing with her children.