Inside Out: Creative Thinking and Writing Program for Kids

Inside Out is a program that will help your child to find his thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiment with them. Thus, in the process she/he will discover his own unique voice and develop confidence to express it in words.

The program will be spread over ten sessions ( every Tuesday and Friday) on the following dates-

15th July, 19th July, 22nd July, 26th July, 1st August(this day is an exception- session will be held on Monday and not Friday), 2nd August, 5th August, 9th August, 12th August, 16th August.

Batch 1-Timings: 4 -5.30 p.m.(IST)
Batch 2-Timings: 6.30-8 p.m.(IST)
Age: 8-10 years
Batch Size: 6 students in each batch
Cost: Rs.7000

Program Highlights:
• Mental workout
• Divergent Thinking
• Names & Captions
• Posters & Slogans
• Travelogue
• Speech Writing

• Writing assignments
• Group discussions
• Audio-video aids
• Activities
• Brain games

Expected Outcomes:
• Self-confidence
• Self-awareness
• Self-expression
• Ability to work with a group
• Ability to think differently
• Ability to question
• Observation Skills
• Listening Skills
• Communication Skills

A home assignment will be given at the end of each session.

Visit our website to know more about our work. You can email at or whatsapp at 9871090943.

Requirements of the program:
• Zoom (
• A quiet room and desk to sit
• Commitment to attend all sessions
• Willingness to learn

About the Facilitator:

Manmeet Narang is a facilitator, a poet, an author and a performer. Her entire work with children, parents and teachers revolves around making people think, reflect and discover themselves. Her writing began with children’s books and then she forayed into adult fiction with her short story in the anthology ‘The Other’. Her second short story was published in 2018 as part of the anthology ‘Escape Velocity’. She was declared winner of the prestigious Write India contest by noted poet and lyricist Gulzar. Her articles feature in Daily O, The Better India and Women’s Web. You can find Manmeet reciting poetry on her YouTube channel.

When she is not training or writing, she is either reading, listening to music, walking in nature, exploring places or playing with her children.