Sailing Leaf

Unearth: A Creative Writing Program for Children

Layer by layer as we dig into our mind, we find out how we think and what we feel. Once we reach the fountainhead of our thoughts, writing comes naturally. That’s the process and goal of the program ‘Unearth’.

Writing is a process of opening yourself inside out. The program builds an ecosystem where all children together find their self expression, understand their unique thought process, discover their creativity and learn(also unlearn) nuances of creative writing.

Note: The program is meant for not only those who write but all children who desire and deserve to express themselves.

Age: 11-14 years
Group size- 12 children
Duration: 21st July-18th August(5 Saturdays)
Time: 10 a.m-1 p.m.
Venue: Vasant Vihar Club, New Delhi
Charges: Rs.5500 per child
To know more, call Manmeet Narang at 9871090943

Details of the Program:
Day 1: Foundation of a creative mind
• Observation Skills
• Mindfulness
• Sharing and understanding perspectives

Day 2: Article writing
• Expressing views and opinions
• Research Work

Day 3: Imagery
• Creating images in words
• Seeking inspiration from sounds, objects, people

Day 4: Poetry
• Free Verse

Day 5: Micro Fiction
• How to say more in less
• Story writing

Culmination of the Program: On the last day we will have-
• A parenting session
• A presentation of their learning and work by children
• Certificates to all participants

About the Methodology-
We follow experiential methodology and each day will involve-
• Activities
• Discussions
• Reflection
• Writing assignments
• Audio visual aids

About the Facilitator-
Manmeet Narang is a behavioural trainer. Her entire work with children, parents and teachers revolves around making people think, reflect and discover themselves. Her other passion is to dig into the imaginative world of children and weave stories for them. Her published work includes ‘The Amazing World of Animals’, ‘Magical World of Benny Buzo’, ‘365 Amazing Facts’ and ‘Jiggly Wiggly’ rhymes. She forayed into adult fiction with her short story in the anthology ‘The Other’ published by StoryMirror.Her articles appear on DailyO and Women’s Web.

When she is not training or writing, she is either reading, listening to music, walking in nature, exploring places or playing with her children.

To know more details about the program, you may reach out to her at or call her at 9871090943.

About Sailing Leaf
Sailing Leaf is an ecosystem that has been helping children in expressing and understanding the art of self expression and creative writing since two years. Story of Emoticons, Flow, I wonder and Aurora are some of the other programs we offer. So far we have delivered the gift of ‘self expression’ to a few hundred children and parents.

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