A Light In The Attic

A light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein


A walrus with braces or birthday candles on a wrapped snake!

A hippo trying to fly or an anteater eating an ‘aunt’ instead of an ant!

A girl shaking a cow to make a milkshake or using an Eel for a Hula hoop!

Shel Silverstein’s whacky imagination knows no end in his poems. But this is not where it stops; he takes you one step ahead. You begin to reflect when he talks about the prayer of a selfish child and mugging up a dictionary in his crazy and crispy poems. Shel must have known that with no filters and judgments, children would catch the meaning of life he had woven in words. In fact, some of the poems are so profound that there is space for adults to discover something that is if you are ready to look within.

The poems may appear non-sense, but there is a deep sense under the layers. They appear non-serious but they just won’t make you laugh. Through your smile, you will have epiphanies and enlightenment. Read and decipher it along with your child.

For ages 8+

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