The Butterfly Lion

The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo

To have a lion as a pet is unfathomable but Michael Morpurgo in his classic style weaves another magical tale of love and compassion. Filled with loneliness, Bertie finds companionship in a lion cub. The endearing relationship full of play, long walks, conversations and hugs goes on to become the anchor of his life. It is the promise to never have the lion caged ever that keeps Bertie going. In spite of having found love, the thought and concern of the lion who lands up in a circus bothers him. How he manages to find and rescue his lion is sheer serendipity. But the magic doesn’t end here. How the lion becomes a butterfly lion is the part of the book which will move your heart and bring tears. But those will be the tears of joy, hope and faith.

Recommended for children 10+