Iqbal by Francesco D’Adamo

Barely thirteen years of age, he rescued hundreds of children from child labour. The story of Iqbal Masih is the story of magic. A magic called human spirit. The magic we all have within us, but few believe in it and put it to use.

Living in a world, where we are free to roam and fly to any place, it is unbelievable that in 1995 there were lakhs of children in Pakistan doing bonded labour in carpet and brick making industry. To pay debt of the moneylender, parents sold away their children in hope they will return one day. But the lines on the slate of each slave were never erased. With mere bread and lentil soup in their stomach they worked from dusk to dawn. Iqbal Masih was also one of them yet he was different. He was not afraid. He raised his voice. Not once but again and again. Till one day activist Esah Khan heard him. Refusing to return to his family, he worked fearlessly with Esah Khan to rescue other children and brought the entire world’s attention to the inhuman situation.

He was killed by the carpet mafia at the age of thirteen. He lived long enough to raise many Iqbals around him.

For children13+