Treasure Hunt

By Vihaan-

Jimmy, John, Micheal and Bob were best friends. They were very smart, but used their smartness in unnecessary things instead of studies. One day, Michael’s mother decided to create a treasure hunt course for them. The course covered Michael’s whole house so everyone was super excited. There was only one condition.. the condition was that whatever the boys find, it will have to be used by them for 2 hours. The treasure hunt started the next day with the course starting in the living room. The boys managed to finish most of the course in the first hour itself. The clues were set up in the most unexpected places, like in the water bottle and inside the book thrown under the sofa. The boys were almost towards the end which was the last clue. After 2 minutes, when the treasure was right in front of them, they opened it and were in a state of shock. The treasure was Books! But since it was part of the deal, they had to read the books! The first thing that they had to do was actually the last on their ‘to do’ list!

Vihaan, Grade 6, Suncity School