The Broom

By Abhay –

As I picked up the broom I thought it would be another day of doom. The quarantine has added a lot more work on my head. dusting ,sweeping, mopping etc. But that day was different. As soon as I lifted the broom there was a nice cool breeze that brushed on my hair. I started to think of things I had never thought of before. I started dreaming of flying to distant lands on my broom. but I immediately brushed that thought aside. After a few minutes I heard weird sounds coming from outside so I ran to the balcony. And what I saw startled me and left me rooted to the spot.

I saw my favourite Harry Potter characters zoom past me. Harry, Sirius, Hagrid, Fred, George and others too. Hagrid threw me a broom. I mean a broom that makes me happy not sad, and I flew along with them. after a lot of chat what seemed like rain clouds started to form above us.
and quite soon utter disaster broke out. Fred was knocked off his broom and harry lost his wand. “Wait, Wand”. I just checked my pocket to see if I could find my wand and there it was. I shouted out some curses and spells I knew and the storm stopped.

I looked around too see where the others were but I couldn’t find them. I searched for hours until I heard Hagrids loud voice. he told me that the others were fine. he finally sent me back home. I could feel my feet touch the ground and a broom in my hand. My what a task I had.

Abhay, Grade 7, Bangalore