Listen to the moon

By Khushi Seth-

Author – Michael Morpurgo

“Losing your memory, is like being stuck in a room, with only doors and one ray of light, that is your memory. The only way to be free, is to unlock all doors, to let all the light come in”
-Merry Maclyntre(Lucy Lost)
Living on a small farm on the countryside ,such as the Veronica farm in Bryhem ,on a tiny island, such as the Scilly, this book will take you for a journey ,to the Wheatcroft family, consisting of
Alfie, Jim, Mary, and of course! Good ol’ Uncle Billy, who rescue and nurse a deeply – wounded girl , with the help of an understanding doctor, whose sole purpose is to cure the patient, regardless, of where she came from, deserted on the gloomy islands of St. Helen’s, after falling – off, from the great Lusitiana
All the Scillians, the islanders, believe, that she is a German Spy, a Wilhelm, which rages many protests during the war between Germany, and America.
However, this family owns, whom they believe to be “Lucy”, as their own , despite what others’ say or do,
protecting this silent girl, from all the naysayers and bullies at school.
Like drifting of beautiful melodies from the moon, across the room, slowly, Lucy’s identity, her mystery unfolds, as she regains her power of speech, her memory, love of music, art, and horse-riding, and is reunited with her lost family. A story, where even enemies help each – other, proving, that we’re all the children of god, this is truly a tale of heart, courage, faith, and bravery.
I for one, am glad to know it, and would recommend it to all!!

– Khushi Seth, Grade 7, Tagore International School