One and Only Bob

By Abhiveer Singh –

Author – Katherine Applegate

He used to be a street dog. Living on food scraps and leftovers. But he soon found the exit 8 big top mall, which was home to a mighty gorilla named Ivan. Somehow he ended up becoming friends with Ivan, and a baby elephant named Ruby. And then things really turned upside down. Ivan and Ruby landed inside a Zoo, and he became a little girl Julia’s pet. For a while, all three of them felt at home. But then Bob’s life started to take a twist…
A sequel to the newberry- medal winning The one and only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, The one and only Bob is as good as it’s prequel- but this time based on the life of Ivan’s best friend, a mischievous dog named Bob. As it is a perspective of a dog, it is equally hilarious and engaging to both young and adult readers. The most important thing about it is that it finally describes how strange humans can sometimes be, in a much easier way. It focuses on the point that humans must be equally looking weird and creature- like in the eye of animals, just like we look at THEM differently. Katherine is indeed a good writer! In this novel, Bob is living a comfortable and easy life with Julia, but at the same time wondering if it has made him a bit softer than when he was a stray. And then a new problem arrives- a huge hurricane heading towards the city; and when it’s over, there is a huge mess. Many people dear to Bob are nowhere to be seen, and while he is looking for them and taking in the destruction, he is certain that he hears someone long lost from his childhood.
This magical book written by Katherine Applegate is sure to bring excitement and curiosity to all readers! So witness the story of a loving but fierce dog who, along with a kindhearted gorilla and cute elephant, tries to find what he can truly call ‘home’.
Note: According to Abhiveer, this book is recommended for ages 9 and above.

– Abhiveer Singh, Grade 6, Toronto