The Story of Emoticons

The workshop revolves around and taps emotional intelligence of children. In an emotionally safe environment, children begin to see, understand and express their innermost feelings and thoughts. Spread over a day, children eventually begin to weave their feelings into words that may take shape of stories, poems, essays or ramblings. The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate to children

  • to express emotions in words, with clarity and honesty
  • to understand the deeper connection between emotions and writing.

Program Highlights:

  • Observe and reflect on one’s emotions
  • Share and care for your as well as feelings of others
  • Recognise and accept your feelings
  • Express in the form of letters, poems, articles and stories


  • Activities
  • Discussion
  • Assignments
  • Feedback
  • Self-Reflection
  • Audio-video aids
  • Presentations