Creative Writing and Thinking Programs Sailing Leaf offers experiential workshops for children of age 11-14 years. The programs focus on key life skills imperative for creative expression.

  • Observation skills

    Observation skills

  • Questioning Ability

    Questioning Ability

  • Self Reflection

    Self Reflection

  • Self Belief

    Self Belief

  • Creative and critical thinking

    Creative and critical thinking

  • Self Confidence

    Self Confidence

  • Mindfulness


  • Communication skills

    Communication skills

  • Self Awareness

    Self Awareness

  • Listening to opinions and ideas

    Listening to opinions and ideas

  • Expressing thoughts and feelings

    Expressing thoughts and feelings

  • Divergent Thinking

    Divergent Thinking

  • Self expression

    Self expression

  • Ability to articulate

    Ability to articulate

  • Collaboration


  • Generating out of the box ideas

    Generating out of the box ideas


Workshop for Young Adults